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Innovative forecasting for
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Prepare for the grid-of-the-future with industry-leading forecasting capabilities that give utilities insight into the uncertainty of renewables penetration, grid electrification, and extreme weather events.

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Benefits of having the most accurate AI-powered forecasting & analytics

Manage assets and wholesale positions to optimize margins

We provide accurate foresight into grid net demand conditions alongside your generation mix and customers’ energy usage patterns, so you can meet retail customer requirements confidently, orchestrate VPPs, and maximize financial returns in wholesale markets.

Optimize energy sourcing for load auction commitments

With the ability to combine our load forecasts with our net-demand forecasts, you can balance your slice-of-system commitments and market activity with fulfillment from operated assets to reduce real-time risk and maximize profit.

Modernize long-term planning with data-driven forecasting

Leverage historical load information and customer meter data uploads to simulate comprehensive 5-year forecasts. Manage your long-term planning process with flexible simulation tools and capabilities to account for meter growth and decay and different weather patterns.

Make & validate your data-driven decisions

Get 3x more accurate forecasts with our portfolio-level load forecasting solution that is derived entirely from your underlying meters allowing you to anticipating power market movements and impacts of extreme weather events.

Improve service delivery reliability

Keep the lights on with industry-leading short-term forecasting models to identify and prepare for grid volatility and extreme weather events. We saw Winter Storm Uri coming; let’s help you forecast and prepare for the next one.

Respond rapidly to operational events

Empower your demand response and load shedding programs with the most accurate forecast into peak magnitude and durations.

Accelerate your digital transformation

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Market-Leading Accuracy

The most accurate forecasts available on the market, backed by a leading AI team and energy expertise​.

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Safe and Secure

SOC-II Type II Compliance supports your cyber-risk management programs​.

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Ready Time to Value

SaaS deployment model enables rapid time-to-launch (weeks, not months or years) and time-to-value (TTV).  ​

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Easy Implementation

Seamless access to our forecast through APIs, web UI exports, and integrations with Microsoft and other vendors.

How we work together


Taking stock

We start each partnership with an understanding of your current use cases. Then we match those to our specific forecasting and analytics solutions to create a unique offering to maximize the impact for your team.


Forecast deployment

Our data science team will create and share your specific forecasting models to help you better evaluate the corresponding business opportunity.

Our team works with you to set up continuous data integrations with automated data quality checks.

Models are validated by our team of data science and energy experts.

Your dedicated customer success manager will train your team to get the most from our platform and data tools.  

Our data scientists, market experts, and customer success team actively monitor each forecast to ensure reliable performance.



After initial deployment, we will work with you to make any necessary adjustments. Your dedicated support team will guide you through the process to help you improve reliability and optimize margins.


Ongoing Partnership

Once we launch the forecasting solution for your initial application, we will look to revise the initial offering to focus on additional applications that grow the value of our partnership to your business.

Get started now

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