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EnERgy Transition

AI-powered forecasting solutions that let you track, plan and
optimize your energy needs for the evolving power markets.

We provide the highest precision electricity forecasting and analytics solutions to improve grid reliability, manage financial risk, optimize renewables, and accelerate decarbonization.

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More accurate than ISO
1 week
Deployment Time
Global grids
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The intersection of energy data & AI

How our models work

Data Infrastructure

Amperon cleans and ingests time-series electricity data from diverse data sources. ​We offer flexible, enterprise-ready integrations to seamlessly access forecasting data.

Model Optimization

Our world-class data scientists optimize our models through analysis of historical data, identifying the most influential parameters, discerning the predictive potential of data types, and developing a robust ensemble of models for each forecast.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI algorithms continuously learn based on new data, allowing the models to evolve and improve dynamically.

Industry experience

Since 2018 we have partnered with a variety of customers who use Amperon's effective data management infrastructure, award-winning AI/ML models, and leading-edge predictive analytics to analyze and forecast generation and demand.

Don’t see your industry? Our experts can work with you to develop a plan that meets your organization’s needs, and provide customized solutions that accelerate your success.

Accelerate your digital transformation

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Market-Leading Accuracy

The most accurate forecasts available on the market, backed by cutting-edge AI methodologies and energy expertise​.

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Safe and Secure

SOC-II Type II Compliance supports your cyber-risk management programs​.

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Ready Time to Value

SaaS deployment model enables rapid time-to-launch (weeks, not months or years) and time-to-value (TTV).  ​

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Easy Implementation

Seamless access to our forecast through APIs, web UI exports, and integrations with Microsoft and other vendors.

Trusted across the industry

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"Amperon stood the test of a record breaking summer in the ERCOT market and helped us achieve our risk goal in lowering our cost to serve by 5%. Not to mention the outstanding support we receive from the team!"

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“Our virtual power plant utilizes precise forecasts and analytics that Amperon helps deliver. We are excited to continue growing with them as our trading desk partner.”

Matt Duesterberg

Founder and President at OhmConnect

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“We use Amperon’s forecasting platform every day to help make better-informed decisions and to optimize our portfolio. It’s been a pivotal tool in our decision-making.”

Trader at Orsted

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“Amperon’s innovative modeling approaches produce high quality demand forecasts for the Australian NEM.”

Michael Davidson

Manager Operational Forecasting at AEMO (Australian Energy Marketer Operator)

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“Innovation is always a challenge for forecasting. Having Amperon as a partner allows us to understand our risk and load forecasts while we continue to innovate our product offerings.”

Roozbeh Amirazodi

Head of Supply and Portfolio Management at Rhythm

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"Amperon’s load forecasts are critical for planning our supply and demand response assets, especially during extreme weather events."

Christian Nagel

Director of Power Supply at Rayburn Electric Cooperative

Upcoming event

The Double-Edged Sword: AI’s Role in the Energy Transition

Join us for our latest free webinar, hosted by Ariel Smith, as she examines both the benefits and drawbacks of implementing AI in the energy industry. While AI can enhance operational efficiency and facilitate the transition to renewable energy, it also raises concerns about meeting the exponential demand growth while keeping the grid stable and reliable. This session will feature a discussion on AI related risks and highlight successful AI innovation to mitigate associated risks.


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