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forecasting for
the EnERgy transition

The most accurate and comprehensive data analytics platform for every electron on the grid. Our AI-powered forecasting solutions let you track, plan and optimize your energy needs for the evolving power markets.

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We provide the highest precision electricity analytics platform to help companies manage risk and navigate volatile energy markets.

Electricity currents rushing by transmission towers.

The energy transition needs tools that can keep up with the new and volatile grid. Amperon incorporates the latest advances in machine learning to deliver the most accurate insights into grid operations.

Supported by a team of energy experts, data scientists and meteorologists, we’re building the brains of the smart grid to power real-time operational analytics wherever electricity flows.

More Accurate
(On Average Over ISO Forecast)
Model Runs
1 week
Deployment Time
Global Grids

Powered by data, algorithms, and extensive expertise

Meter-level energy management

Energy demand usage at the meter level

Meter-level energy management

Take a proactive approach to energy management with real-time insights into your large industrial demand at the meter level. Using our hourly short- and long-term forecasts, you can hedge your load efficiently and reduce exposure to swings in the wholesale market.

Meter-level forecasting

Energy demand with hedges overlayed.

Manage risk at the portfolio level

Stay on top of risk with our custom, bottoms-up forecasting solutions. Derived entirely from your underlying meter data, our long and short-term forecasts are adapted for rooftop solar, on-site generation, and behind-the-meter – trends traditional solutions weren’t built for.

Meter-level forecasting

Map of the US's electrical grid

Accurate grid-level forecasts

Fully anticipate your demand and reserve margin with our high-resolution grid-scale demand forecasts. Using all publicly-available data, our 15-day forecasts consistently outperform the ISO, especially during extreme weather events which are becoming more common.

Meter-level forecasting

Forecasts that use meter data. Kilowatts. Is based on our unique weather model and is adapted for rooftop solar, on site generation, etc. Is updated hourly. Mainly for giant commercial/industrial customers that might have only one 1 meter (airport, casion, refinery, big box store, etc).

Trusted Across the Industry

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"Amperon stood the test of a record breaking summer in the ERCOT market and helped us achieve our risk goal in lowering our cost to serve by 5%. Not to mention the outstanding support we receive from the team!"

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“Our virtual power plant utilizes precise forecasts and analytics that Amperon helps deliver. We are excited to continue growing with them as our trading desk partner.”

Matt Duesterberg

Founder and President at OhmConnect

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“We use Amperon’s forecasting platform every day to help make better-informed decisions and to optimize our portfolio. It’s been a pivotal tool in our decision-making.”

Trader at Orsted

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“Amperon’s innovative modeling approaches produce high quality demand forecasts for the Australian NEM.”

Michael Davidson

Manager Operational Forecasting at AEMO (Australian Energy Marketer Operator)

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“Innovation is always a challenge for forecasting. Having Amperon as a partner allows us to understand our risk and load forecasts while we continue to innovate our product offerings.”

Roozbeh Amirazodi

Head of Supply and Portfolio Management at Rhythm

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"Amperon’s load forecasts are critical for planning our supply and demand response assets, especially during extreme weather events."

Christian Nagel

Director of Power Supply at Rayburn Electric Cooperative

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