Calling the data-driven, the problem solvers, the curious – Amperon is the leading AI platform powering the smart grid of the future. Check out our open, 100% remote roles.

Be part of the energy transition.
We’re on a big mission to build the brain of the smart grid.

The grid was once called the "supreme engineering achievement of the 20th century,” but that was 100 years ago. With the increase in renewables, EVs, battery storage, smart meters, extreme weather events, and grid instability, this amazing feat of infrastructure is in desperate need of an upgrade. We are looking for amazing people to build the next phase of electricity consumption – regardless of where you live.

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Amazing talent working to create a lasting impact on the grid

Real-world implications

We are here to build a better grid. Not a better social media platform or photo sharing app, but to improve the data for the energy industry.

Our everyday lives are dependent on a functional grid. The work done at Amperon means improving grid stability and sustainability for everyone.

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Challenging work

There are 90 million smart meters in the US providing 15-minute interval data daily to grid operators. EVs and rooftop solar are exploding faster than we have the infrastructure to support it. Whether you like giant datasets or coming up with solutions to complex problems, our team is tackling some of the most crucial problems of today.

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A-team talent

Since we hire from around the globe, we are allowed to be selective and only pick the best of the best. You’ll join a team that has PhDs in computer science, data science and meteorology. You’ll work with people from all over the world and in different cultures. You’ll work with individuals who share a passion to make the grid a better, greener place.

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Computer screens with lots of lines and data

A work environment that works for you

100% Remote

We’ve been a fully-remote company from the start because you should work wherever is best for you.

Flexible Work Hours

Some people are night owls. Others are more productive in the morning. All that matters is getting your work done.


We offer competitive salaries, 401k, stock options, health insurance, as well as free vision and dental.

Unlimited PTO

Trying to save the grid is a lot of work. It’s important to take time to unwind and reset.

Open positions at Amperon

If you are interested in how energy and technology can shape our future infrastructure, or are super curious about solving complex issues that will have a lasting impact, come join our team.