Webinar: Amperon's Mid-Summer Weather 2023 Update

Are we going to see a summer near climatology normals or slightly below? Despite all the dire predictions of record heat due to hot ocean temperatures around the globe, Dr. Mark Shipham, Amperon’s Chief Meteorologist, still thinks the U.S. will have a cooler summer than last year as El Niño approaches. Dr. Shipham and his 40+ years of experience called for a mild May and June earlier this year – and so far has been right. When your risk management strategy depends on accurate weather forecasts, you’ll want to tune in to our summer weather update. He'll cover:

  • When El Niño is expected to get stronger
  • What a below-normal hurricane season will look like
  • Early predictions for winter weather
July 2023 forecasts look too hot

Download: Mid-Summer 2023 Weather Update

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