Amperon Launches in SERC

Amperon finishes its U.S. coverage with grid-level forecasts now available in SERC, providing the region's only 14-day forecasts. Created by our award-winning data science team, our new forecasts bring the most up-to-date and user-friendly forecasts to a new market that covers approximately 630,000 square miles and serves a population of more than 97 million. Amperon's SERC offering includes all or portions of KY, TN, MO, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, & FL.

“We have established ourselves as the premier provider of electricity forecasting software and the addition of SERC completes our coverage of the continental US. This region is special to me as it is where I began my career, now we will enable our customers to unlock more value from data and asset optimization to better navigate the transitioning grid.”  - Sean Kelly, CEO at Amperon

SERC Grid-Level Forecasts

serc platform screenshot

For SERC, we now offer 14-day grid-level forecasts, updated hourly. You'll get 13 days more of data than what the EIA currently offers as we are the first to publicly offer 14-day forecasts for this region. This means you have access to the best information allowing you to plan and adapt with confidence to the transitioning grid. 

Data is only as useful as your ability to understand it and make decisions because of it. Our easy-to-use platform offers highly interactive visualizations, allowing you to quickly locate and collect information to inform your operational decisions., including:

  • Peak views: Get a clear understanding of when demand is expected to reach its zenith, helping you allocate resources efficiently and reduce costs.
  • Historical forecasts: Explore past forecasts to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in your energy management strategies.
  • Market side-by-side forecast comparisons: Compare our forecasts directly with market forecasts, giving you a transparent view of our accuracy.
  • Accuracy front and center: We provide Amperon's MAPE for each hour so you can have confidence in your forecasts.
  • Via API: All forecasts and data via a low latency API

To get access to these new features, contact us.

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