Amperon Platform

AI-powered operational demand forecasting for the energy transition

Demand and supply analytics for every hour of every day, from the grid to the device.

Our award-winning machine learning models power the Amperon platform to provide easy-to-interpret, real-time insights. Our scientists are supported by data engineers to wring as much signal out of the rawest data we can get our hands on. This leads not only to more accurate forecasts, but also the quickest on-boarding process in the industry.

Adjust temperature to stress test energy demand forecasts

Short-term forecasts for accurate scheduling and position management

Our 14-day forecasts run every hour and use the most up-to-date weather and grid data.

  • Overlay your hedges to show your net position
  • Stress test daily short-term peak weather scenarios at a zonal level
  • See how forecasts change, hour-over-hour
  • Automated submodel weighting according to historical skill to ensure your particular portfolio is getting the most accurate forecasts possible
  • Short-term forecasts available at the ISO-level (using only public data) and at the portfolio level (making full use of premise-level meter data for your entire book)
Extreme, mild, and neutral outputs of energy demand forecasts

Long-term forecasts for forward thinking operational needs

Get the definitive source of detailed information about your book’s position for the next 5 years. In addition to your primary forecast, test out different scenarios as your portfolio grows and changes:

  • Overlay your hedges to show your net position
  • Compare different simulated weather regimes to risk model hotter summers or colder winters
  • Model each meter at up to an hourly resolution, tied to meter-level contract data to understand your exact risk obligation
  • See renewal extensions up to 3 months out
Unique multi ensemble weather platform icon

Better weather, all the time, with our unique weather forecasts

Using a population-weighted grid of thousands of points, Amperon’s weather forecasts are a key input to our algorithms.

  • 15-day visualization of min/max forecast for all major cities.
  • Pick between 4 leading weather vendors, with more vendors always being evaluated.
  • 1:1 access to our ex-NASA and ex-Wall Street, in-house Chief Meteorologist for additional support and analysis.
Energy bid scheduling icon

Fully-automated AI scheduling based on your demand forecasts

Streamline your forecast-to-bid process with Amperon’s scheduling tool that automatically submits correct day-ahead bids directly to the ISO. You no longer have to worry about incorrectly entering bids and can instead use a tool that is entirely scalable.

  • Bids are based on the most-up-to-date forecast for more  accuracy.
  • Threshold alerts to notify our market ops specialist if data looks irregular
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Risk management tools for every energy market participant’s needs

Commercial & Industrial
retail energy provider icon
Cover your risk in the changing retail markets

Our portfolio-level load forecasting solution is derived entirely from your underlying meters and provides:

  • Position management: Easily review all day-ahead and term hedges, with DAM clearing prices automatically included.
  • Industry-leading MAPE: Get 3x more accurate forecasts and save millions on procurement.
  • Per-meter analytics: We ingest raw meter data to derive a custom forecast for your specific portfolio.
  • Full-automated scheduling: Send bids based on the most-up-to-date forecast for more  accuracy.
Public power icon
Modernize your operational demands

Take advantage of the latest electricity analytics with a load forecasting solution derived entirely from your segments underlying meters. Includes:

  • Stress tests: Try out different weather scenarios (e.g. 5 degrees colder/hotter) to see how your forecasts will be affected.
  • Simple SCADA upload API to get us your historical actuals and produce a forecast within days
  • Position management: Easily review all day-ahead and term hedges, with DAM clearing prices automatically included.
Trading desk icons
Your trading desk co-pilot

Get accurate forecasts when it counts with our 15-day grid-scale forecasts derived entirely from publicly available data. Includes:

  • Built-in weather platform that is the backbone of our forecasts.
  • Low MAPEs that consistently beat the ISO, especially during extreme weather events.
  • Weather scenarios so you can see how forecasts will be affected if it's 5 degrees hotter or colder.
Commercial and industrial buildings icons
Energy management tools

Take a proactive approach to energy management. With the right tools in place, you can reduce energy usage and increase profits.

  • Leverage 360-view of your energy consumption to make more informed decisions.
  • AI models predict day-ahead demand and automatically schedule bids.
  • Save on utility transmission charges using our peak alerts technology.
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API Integrations

Allows for custom integrations with your own systems to programmatically pull data to feed any internal reports or databases.

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Zero configuration

Once we have access to your ISO certificates and/or raw EDI data, we can have you onboarded in days.

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Coincident peak alerts

CP alerts for ERCOT, PJM, NYISO, and ISO-NE inform you of peak days so you can keep transmission costs down.

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SOC II Type II Compliant

We’re audited annually by a third party for our compliance with SOC II principles to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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Automated submodel tuning

Secondary models monitor our submodels and automatically weight them for skill to accommodate a wide range of portfolios.

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Bottoms-up modeling

Our short- and long-term forecasts use a blend of per-meter, bottoms-up techniques to ensure the most accurate forecasts possible for all time ranges.

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Risk Management Analytics

Easily see hedge overlays, settlements, forward cost and historical data for faster analysis.

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Custom Reporting

Can provide custom reports outside of our standard reporting that includes weekly forecasts, historicals, MAPE, posted metered load, and more.

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