Amperon names Tim Healy and Catherine Flax to join board of directors

HOUSTON, August 10, 2022: Amperon Holdings, Inc., the leader in AI-powered grid forecasts, today announced Tim Healy and Catherine Flax as the newest members to join the board of directors and help position Amperon as the grid analytics platform for the energy transition.

“Tim and Catherine are established titans in their spaces and we are excited to have their advice and experience as Amperon grows into a global company,” said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Amperon. “To have Tim, the pioneer in demand-response technology, and Catherine, a dominant figure in global commodities, join our board only solidifies the important work Amperon is doing.”

Tim, who founded and helmed EnerNOC, brings the know-how of scaling a cleantech company to the global level. “Grids are more volatile than ever, and the energy industry needs a trusted source of insights to manage risk and prevent blackouts. Amperon is that information hub for the energy transition,” said Tim. “The company is at an exciting stage to shape the market to ensure the energy transition happens correctly.”

Catherine, former executive at J.P. Morgan and current board member of the regional transmission organization ISO New England, Inc, knows the importance of accurate data in this space. “The energy industry has underinvested in advanced technologies for decades. Amperon is this perfect blend of Silicon Valley meets Houston meets Wall Street to bring modern AI to the energy industry,” said Catherine. “Better information creates much better outcomes for everyone – for the whole industry, down to the end users.”

Both Tim and Catherine see Amperon as a major player in the energy transition. With increasing rolling blackouts, extended price spikes, heavy renewables and EV penetrations, and extreme weather events, energy market participants of all stripes rely heavily on Amperon to guide their operational decisions. As Catherine said, “Not having tools like Amperon for market participants is like having your hands tied behind your back.”

Catherine and Tim are the latest additions to Amperon’s board, rounding out a highly experienced team that includes Michael D’Aurizio, Investment Director at HSBC Climate Tech Venture Fund, as well as founders Abraham Stanway and Sean Kelly.

About Tim Healy

Tim Healy is an experienced executive chairman, CEO, and entrepreneur, with a demonstrated history working in the information technology, energy and managed services industries. Tim co-founded EnerNOC in 2001 and served as its Chairman and CEO until its sale to Enel in 2017 for over $300M. Since EnerNOC, Tim has dedicated his time to changing the way the world uses energy and has seen more than 35 of his employees go on to become CEOs of their own companies. He is also on the board of several growth companies including Powin and Micatu, as well as the New England Aquarium.

About Catherine Flax

Catherine Flax is an accomplished leader and mentor in the energy, fintech and commodities sectors. She is currently President of X Machina Capital Strategies, an energy-focused private equity firm, and is on the advisory board for ISO New England, Inc. She served multiple roles at J.P. Morgan, first as CEO of Global Commodities EMEA and subsequently as Chief Marketing Officer. Afterward, she went on to serve as Managing Director at BNP Paribas. In 2011, Catherine was named the “Most Influential Woman in European Financial Markets” and she continues to focus on making the world a better place through the highly skilled people she mentors and her innovative insights.

About Amperon

Amperon Holdings, Inc. is a technology company based out of Houston that builds AI-powered electricity analytics for energy market participants. Founded in 2018 by a seasoned data engineer and a veteran energy trader, Amperon serves electricity retailers, energy traders, grid operators, and utilities worldwide. Its mission is to bring AI to global grids in the service of grid reliability, risk management, and sustainability.

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