Amperon Partners with Hometown Connections to Bring Better Forecasting Analytics to Public Power Utilities

HOUSTON, January 8, 2024: Amperon, the leader in AI-powered electricity analytics and forecasting, partners with Hometown Connections, the premier business and technology service provider to public power municipal utilities, to bring more accurate demand forecasts to the public power ecosystem. As utilities face more pressure to address the challenges of the energy transition and a more volatile grid, this collaboration will help reduce operational costs, ensure grid reliability, and facilitate innovative technology integrations within the public power domain.

Hometown Connections President and CEO Marc Gerken says that the addition of Amperon to the Hometown Connections team of Partners will enhance the adoption of Amperon’s suite of analytics and forecasting solutions at the Joint Action and individual utility level.  “Amperon provides a suite of forecasting solutions that is accurate, versatile, and adaptable, Gerken said. “These are valuable attributes to utilities who are working to improve reliability, predictability, and manage risks, which together lowers costs.”

Amperon’s powerful AI forecasting platform provides:

  • Short-term (15-day) and long-term (10-year) forecasts to mitigate operational risk and plan for growth. 
  • Peak alerts to identify high peak times to shift usage and reduce transmission costs.
  • Asset-level solar forecasting to provide precise forecasts for solar energy generation. 

Amperon’s data infrastructure is well adept at handling the unique challenges of Joint Action Agencies and community-owned utilities. Whether analyzing aggregate SCADA data or meter-level AMI data, Amperon provides a comprehensive outlook to let you track, plan, and optimize energy needs.

"Our alliance with Hometown Connections represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to empower public power utilities with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly dynamic energy landscape," said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Amperon. "Introducing our innovative forecasting solutions to Hometown Connections’ partners aims to deliver enhanced forecasting accuracy and operational efficiency, benefiting both utilities and consumers."

With access to more granular data analysis, utilities can gain better insights into how changes in consumer behavior affect demand. For instance, assessing off-peak EV charging or market-tied pricing plans, evaluating coincident peaks to reduce exposure to transmission charges, and assessing energy efficiency effectiveness of demand response programs. This combined expertise of Amperon and Hometown Connections will help public power utilities optimize operations, ushering in a new era of efficiency, reliability, and innovation. 

About Amperon

Amperon is a technology company based in Houston that builds AI-powered electricity analytics for energy market participants. Founded in 2018, Amperon empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize energy utilization, and work toward a more sustainable grid. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Amperon is the forecasting company of the energy transition. For more information about Amperon, visit

About Hometown Connections

Hometown Connections, Inc. is a national, non-profit utility services organization specializing in the unique challenges of community-owned utilities. Our team of consultants and vendor partners will help you streamline business processes, enhance customer service, improve security, develop plans for the future, and much more. Go to for more information.

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