The Growing Demands on Public Power

How advanced forecasting platforms can help munis, coops, and CCAs maintain reliable power for their members, while generating cost savings and reducing financial risks.

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Winter peaking. An increase in DERs. More EVs. Extreme weather. The uncertainty of the grid is increasing for both generation and demand, but the main question still stands: How do public power utilities maintain reliable power?

The technology used for demand forecasting is one that has taken an evolutionary leap forward, one that will help coops, munis, CCAs, and other utilities better understand what is happening on the grid.

In this paper, our experts outlines:

  • How AI and machine-learning algorithms are used to produce more accurate demand forecasts that generate cost savings. 
  • How to mitigate financial risks linked to the growing volatility of weather and energy markets.
  • How growing coops, munis, and CCAs can use data analysis for better resource planning and the justification of infrastructure investments. 

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More Accurate

Compared to the ISO.

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On forecasting analysis and scheduling bids.

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In the US, Canada, Australia.


On purchasing wholesale energy.

Amperon provides the highest precision electricity analytics to help companies manage risk and navigate volatile energy markets.

Our award-winning machine learning models provide demand and supply analytics for every hour of every day – giving your portfolio the most accurate forecasts when it counts.

Amperon’s innovative modeling approaches produce high quality demand forecasts for the Australian NEM.
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Michael Davidson
Manager Operational Forecasting at Australian Energy Market Operator
Our virtual power plant utilizes precise forecasts and analytics that Amperon helps deliver. We are excited to continue growing with them as our trading desk partner.
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Matt Duesterberg
Founder and President at OhmConnect
We use Amperon’s forecasting platform every day to help make better-informed decisions and to optimize our portfolio. It’s been a pivotal tool in our decision-making.
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Trader at Orsted, the world’s largest developer of offshore wind farms
Innovation is always a challenge for forecasting. Having Amperon as a partner allows us to understand our risk and load forecasts while we continue to innovate our product offerings.
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Roozbeh Amirazodi
Head of supply and portfolio management at Rhythm Energy