Record summer heat is coming, is the grid – and your company – prepared?

Summer blackouts are sometimes unavoidable, and other times, very avoidable. The grid continues to enter uncharted territory with a combination of extreme weather and record high demand. The energy industry needs to have all the best information in order to be prepared for the next peak season. That is why I have pulled together some of our latest intel to help you and your company get ready for the upcoming summer.

Amperon’s summer grid predictions for each ISO

A quick glance at the ocean’s temperatures today reveals an Atlantic that feels more like a warm bathtub. This hurricane season is forecasted to be like no other this summer due to these warm ocean conditions and the absence of vertical wind shear in the atmosphere. Hurricanes, heat waves, and more extreme storms add stress to the grid that is already under strain due to the retiring of thermal generation plants and the unpredictability of renewables. Get your AC units ready because this summer is going to be hot, and the grid will be presented with significant challenges.

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Coincident peak season is coming

What is a coincident peak and how does Amperon predict them? Our recent blog post covers how our coincident peak alerts are crucial for making game-time decisions around when to deploy your demand response capacity and save on transmission charges. Don't get caught off guard on the next summer peak.

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Amperon's summer weather outlook

In 2023 we faced the hottest year on record and had 25 extreme weather events. Businesses need to look ahead and plan for the upcoming season. That is why you should watch our recent webinar to hear from our Chief Meteorologist, Dr. Mark Shipham, as he provides his outlook for this summer's weather.

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Extreme summer weather got you worried?

Introducing Amperon's new Advanced Weather Package

Our new Advanced Weather Package enables customers to delve deeper into our demand forecasts and conduct extensive weather scenario analysis, aiding in making more informed trading decisions. This package provides;

  • Access to individual demand forecasts based on weather forecasts from DTN, NWS’ NBM, and SPIRE (ERCOT only)  
  • The ability to modify weather scenarios up to two weeks out
  • The ability to adjust temperatures by up to +/- 15 degrees  

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How did Amperon do last summer?

Last summer, Amperon outperformed ISOs across the U.S. in accurately predicting demand during extreme heat events. Below are just three of the major highlights.

The future of the energy transition is about making the most of the data available to you. With our demand and renewable forecasts, you'll be better prepared, more informed, and ready to navigate the energy market with confidence. Contact us today to get tailored fit solutions for your unique business needs.

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