Net demand and renewable forecasts now available in PJM

Amperon's net demand and renewable forecasts are now available in PJM! Our forecasts give you insights into the next 14 days while the ISO only provides their forecasts 2 days out – that's 12 more days to plan your energy strategies with unprecedented confidence and precision.

Net Demand and Renewable Forecasts for PJM

Already available for ERCOT and SPP, these forecasts enable you to:

  • Easily visualize how much dispatchable generation is available 14 days out.
  • Compare Amperon’s net demand forecasts to the ISO’s net demand forecasts, as well as compare day-ahead forecasts.
  • Check historical forecasts for any hour for the past 4 days.
  • See solar and wind generation forecasts that utilize granular weather points and site-specific monitored wind generation data.
Amperon's forecasts give you insights into the next 14 days while the ISO only provides their forecasts 2 days out.

Why a 14-Day Forecast Matters

In the fast-paced world of energy markets, every minute counts, and every piece of information is a potential advantage. With longer forecasts available, traders and energy managers will be able to:

  • Extend their planning horizon: This extended horizon empowers you to identify emerging trends and opportunities that might not be apparent in the day-ahead markets.
  • Enhance risk mitigation: With increasingly volatile energy markets, the more time the better to prepare for potential market shifts, reducing the impact of unexpected events on your trading positions.
  • Improve resource allocation: Knowing what lies ahead for the next two weeks allows you to optimize your trading strategies and minimize costs with greater accuracy.

The future of energy trading is about making the most of the data available to you. With our net demand and renewable forecasts, you'll be better prepared, more informed, and ready to navigate the energy market with confidence.

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