2020 4CP Recap

September 30th, 2020 brought an end to the 2020 4 Coincident Peak (4CP) season for ERCOT. This summer was Amperon’s first time offering alerts to customers regarding the likelihood of a given interval, in a given day, setting the coefficient that will be used for billing.

Our alerts successfully balanced “false alarms” with real 4CP events allowing for our clients to provide actionable information to their ultimate end-use customer resulting in millions in potential savings. Amperon identified a greater than 80% likelihood of a 4CP event on the following days:

  • One in June (6 / 8)
  • One in July (7 / 13)
  • Three in August (8 / 12, 8 / 13, and 8 / 14)
  • No days in September (highest was 66% on 9 / 1)

September 2020 was an outlier as Texas experienced some early heat (Amperon alerting a 66% chance on September 1), that quickly dissipated to the seasonally low temperatures the remainder of the month that all Texans look forward to!

Our customers in PJM, NYISO, CAISO and elsewhere have asked for similar capabilities for their customers in those markets, so Amperon is releasing a slate of new capabilities:

  • NSPL (Network Service Peak Load) alerts for PJM (November 2020)
  • PLC (Peak Load Contribution) in PJM (Early 2021)
  • ICAP (Installed Capacity) in NYISO and ISONE (Early 2021)

We have also expanded our 4CP alerts platform to deliver a variety of formats, including “white label” solutions that allow our customers to deliver new value to their customers.

Please contact us to learn more!

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